Laure DARY

Originally from Corsica, Laure Dary learned to dance in Ajaccio. The daughter of a physiotherapist father and a mother who worked in the fashion industry, her love of the body, detail and aesthetics were soon passed on to her.

At 17, she flew to Cannes, where she studied dance at the CID Vandelli-Masson and Rosella Hightower centers, specializing in anatomy.

At the age of 21, having completed her training and obtained diplomas in music, dance history, anatomy and pedagogy, she moved on to Paris, where her career as a professional dancer began alongside Shy’m, Florence Foresti, Inna Modja and Lio, and under the artistic direction of such great choreographers as Chris Marquez, Mehdi Kerkouche, Nathalie Lucas and Hakim Ghorab.

Equally passionate about fashion, she worked alongside her mother in many of the top designers’ showrooms, learning the art of detail, rigor and management.

Laure Dary discovered yoga in her quest for personal well-being. The practice quickly became addictive for the young dancer and indispensable to her personal development. She combined dance and yoga on a daily basis, notably during her “journeys of initiation” to New York and Los Angeles, where she perfected her skills at the Broadway Dance Center and the Millenium.

It was only after 6 years of intense practice that she decided to train in yoga with, among others, Aria Crescendo and Institut Degasquet.

In 2019, Laure Dary founded L.D.Studio, now Maison Of(f) Wellness and Maison Of(f)Project, with her partner and photographer Pierre Dardouillet.