To harmonize body and mind, between physical postures, breathing exercises and meditation techniques. Yoga improves flexibility, strength and balance, and significantly reduces stress.

There are many styles of yoga, and at Maison Of(f) Wellness you’ll find Vinyasa Yoga classes: a sequence of dynamic movements initiated and harmonized by breathing.


Inspired by classical dance, this discipline improves tone, flexibility, posture and body alignment. A gentle, effective approach focusing on the abdominal muscles, glutes, legs, back and all stabilizing muscles.

Shapes in Motion ®

une méthode unique crée par Laure Dary et librement inspirée des postures de yoga, mais aussi des exercices techniques de la barre du danseur pour travailler la tonicité, la flexibilité mais aussi la fluidité du mouvement et les transitions entre les postures.

Ballet training

Also inspired by classical dance, ballet training is based on exercises performed at the barre, designed to strengthen, warm up and soften the body while focusing on alignment and posture.


Dedicated to the suppleness of the whole body, to improve mobility and reduce muscular tension. The result is longer, leaner muscles and a calmer mind.

Your Face

With over 50 muscles between the face and neck, it’s just as important to take care of your face as your body. Maison Of(f) Wellness offers facial yoga exercises, self-massage and acupressure.

Regular exercise will tone and firm the face. In addition, activating blood circulation will help boost natural collagen production and improve skin quality.