Beginner Vinyasa Yoga

The Beginner Vinyasa Yoga program will get you off to a good start in vinyasa yoga, with everything you need to understand posture alignments and breathing techniques.

You’ll also learn about different themes such as flexibility, detox, balance and inversions.

Abs & Booty

The Abs & Booty program will tone your whole body, with a real focus on your abdominal muscles and buttocks. Little by little, by repeating the classes several times, you’ll see your tummy become more defined and your buttocks more muscular.

The program includes 4 classes a week, plus your special flexibility bonus class to add to your schedule whenever you feel the need.

Summer Wellness

The Summer Wellness program has been specially designed to help you tone and sculpt the different parts of your body, as well as limbering you up for harmonious results and long, lean muscles.

A great challenge to make you feel good about your body.

The program includes short but intense sessions to tone and refine your body. To get results, be regular and don’t hesitate to add 2 x 45 min of brisk walking or running to your program.

And for a complete wellness experience, I’m lucky enough to be accompanied this month by Aurelie Seriné, who will give you lots of advice on nathuropathy.

My Daily Routine

My daily routine is a program of short videos to help you practice daily. Working on the different chakras will help you rebalance your energy.

A practice for each day of the week + a breathing video will accompany you throughout the month and beyond.

The practice can be done at any time of day, all you need is 15 minutes to spare.

You can also combine a daily routine with a class from your unlimited platform, your intensive program or an indoor class.

Always listen to your body: if certain positions are too intense for you, don’t do them, just stay in the previous posture and resume later.

Hips Opening

The Hips Opening program has been specially designed to give you greater lower-body mobility in complete safety, thanks to a combination of passive and active flexibility exercises.

As far as your body is concerned, you’ll be able to make rapid progress throughout the 4 weeks, and progress in postures that require a great deal of flexibility, such as splits. It’s also worth noting that by mobilizing this zone, we work on fluid management in our body, as well as on our emotional state. At the level of the mind, by working on the ilio-psoas muscle, also known as the soul muscle (which provides the link between the pelvis and the spine), we detoxify this area and evacuate stagnant energy, including emotional memories.

The practice can therefore make us emotional, as the body and psyche integrate the impacts of the practice within 24 hours of its realization.

Souplesse | Lower & Upper Body

The Flexibility | Lower & Upper Body programs combine active and passive flexibility to help you regain balance, eliminate tension and become more flexible!

-If you have a goal, are determined and regular, this method will really help you progress!

-What is flexibility?
Flexibility refers to the body’s ability to perform a movement with great amplitude.

-The difference between mobility and flexibility:

FLEXIBILITY: suppleness and passive stretching using an external force, the muscle’s ability to lengthen.

MOBILITY: mobility is the ability of a joint to move through a range of movements .active flexibility will enable you to work on mobility.

If you’ve taken note of these differences, you’re ready to get started!

The videos in this program don’t have to be done just once; they’re there to accompany you, like a routine, because flexibility requires patience and regularity. So you can repeat the videos as often as you like.

Detox & Reset

A Detox & Reset program has been specially created to help you get the year off to a good start by eliminating the excesses of the last few months more quickly, to lighten the body and restore your energy!

You’ll not only find my classes, but also advice from two of my favorite experts.

Spicy Barre

Sculpt yourself with ballet training and barre. Strengthen, tone and balance your body with this unique program combining dance and barre.


  • Sculpt the body
  • Tone deep muscles
  • Regain good posture
  • Improve balance
  • Regain energy and confidence